Beautiful, and easy to use, high-end branding and website templates for photographers, psychologists, consultants, and more.

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She Designs Things specializes in high-end branding and Google Site website template designs for photographers, psychologists, consultants, and more. We aim to help you define your business and make it stand out. We provide an individualized approach to ensure you have a unique look that will bring your message across the world. Get in touch to learn more about how We can help you reach your goals.


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Does your logo look like a Windows XP boot screen?

 Time to rebrand!

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Well, hello there! I'm Chelsea, the master of web design and graphic artistry, hailing all the way from the enchanting land of Orlando, FL. You know, I'm not just your average web designer; I'm a published photographer whose works have graced the pages of some pretty cool  publications. I have the power to conjure up stunning web design templates, personalized branding, and web layouts that are so responsive, they'll start dancing to your favorite tunes. (I'M KIDDING 😏)

Despite my years of experience as a web designer and photographer, it never crossed my mind to embark on the wild journey of starting my own business. But hey, guess what? I'm thrilled to offer you a wild concoction of my expertise, wisdom, and crazy ideas. Brace yourself, because I'm about to whip up something ridiculously awesome for your business! 

From my small business to yours.


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The Healer

A Holistic Google Site Template

"The Healer" is the perfect Google Site template for life coaches, counselors, and anyone who wants to offer holistic healing services. With its soothing color scheme and beautiful design, this template will make your website look professional and inviting. Whether you're just starting out or looking to revamp your existing site, "The Healer" has everything you need to get started.

The healer Google Site template by She Designs Things
the naturalist google site template by She Designs Things

General Website 

Simple easy to use Google Site templates that pack a punch. These templates feature detailed instructions and everything you need to get your business online.

the terracotta photographer google site template by she designs things orlando

Premium Websites

Premium Google Site templates feature the same easy to use layout and style with additional features such as custom buttons, forms, additional training and enhanced service.

the groovy portfolio google site template by She Designs Things

Limited Release

Limited release websites and brand suites are designs sold to only a small number of people. Only 5 of these designs are sold to maintain a custom brand and web design feel. 

a guide to copywriting and SEO for google sites

Copywriting and SEO Workbook for Google Site

Looking for a comprehensive and easy-to-use guide to help you write amazing website copy? My website copywriting guide with prompts is here to help you craft the most engaging and effective copy for your business. With easy-to-follow prompts and helpful tips throughout,control your social previews, SEO tips and more. With over 60 pages in this guided workbook, you'll be able to write copy that truly speaks to your audience and drives conversions.

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"Chelsea was a pleasure to work with. She took the time to explain not just the "how" in branding and web design but also the "why". We look forward to using her services in the future."

-Sean Donnelly, Electrical Training Alliance of Central Florida
limited release design by She Designs Things  Branding and Web Designs Orlando




Limited release Google Site templates and brand suite designs are sold to only a small number of people. That means I will only sell 5 copies of any of these templates, ever. I promise to keep these designs limited so that your business and brand can stay as unique as you are. My high quality templates are a cost-effective investment in your growing business. Many of my designs are built using Google Sites, which allow my clients the freedom of cutting the cord with web hosting. Pay for your unique design - not hosting fees.

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